On May 19-25 in the heart of London (Romford) together with the Romford Film Festival was held IV ECG Film Festival where more than 10 Eurasian countries were presented.

The festival is organized by the British non-profit organization Eurasian Creative Guild (London) with the support and participation of the British film festival - Romford Film Festival and Premiere Cinemas.

For the fourth year in a row, the Eurasian Film Festival has traditionally gathered the attention of many talented directors, actors, producers, screenwriters and animators from all over the world. Thanks to close cooperation with the Romford Film Festival, the event attracts a lot of attention from the British public and the press. The guests of the festival annually are representatives of the city government, embassies of Eurasian countries in the UK.

More than 50 films has been screened at the festival this year. Among the films of the Eurasian Film Festival will be presented works from such countries as Great Britain, Russia, USA, Israel, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The Awards Ceremony took place on May 25, 2022 at the Premier Cinema at 20:00.

According to the results of the audience voting and the evaluations of the jury members, the winners of the IV Eurasian ECG Film Festival are:

Best Eurasian Short film - On the Silk Road (Uzbekistan); Sherzod Nazarov

Honorable Lviv Lady (Ukraine); Natalia Pasenytska - Audience Choice Award

Nunik (Armenia), Yelena Arshakyan - Honorary Mention Award

Catherine II. The Fall of the Great (Russia) - Andrey Archakov - Best Young Director

Best Eurasian Feature Film - Tygyn Darhan (Sakha/Russia); Nikita Arzhakov

Water Boy (Tajikistan); Fayzullo Faiz - Audience Choice Award

Best Eurasian Documentary Film - Sayakbai and the Beatles (Kyrgyzstan); Tynai Ibragimov

ZHANYRTUU (Renewal) (Kyrgyzstan); Victoria Arkhangelskaya - Audience Choice Award

"The Dream of Kaplan" (Turkey), Devrim Taban, Tahir Ün - Honorary Mention Award

"Share the Sky" (Uzbekistan), Aliaskar Fatkhullin - Honorary Mention Award

Best Eurasian screenplay - Bifurcation point (Kazakhstan); Natally Makhno

BLACK FOREST MYSTERY (UK), Jaroslaw Gogolin - Honorary Mention Award

Music video(Certificate of Acknowledgment) - His saving Grace; Alexey Pavelko - (Russia)

Mobile video(Certificate of Acknowledgment) - Eli Nazik; Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)

Animated film - Lullaby (Kazakhstan) Dilshat Rakhmatullin - Audience Choice Award

The jury for 2022 included:

Spencer Hawken: founder and director of Romford Film Festival (England)

Michael Sagatis: researcher, composer and cinematographer (Wales)

Tim Wilson: director animator and theater designer (England)

Sergei Timchenko: director. editor and operator (Ukraine)

Nuno Martini: cinematographer, editor, screenwriter, producer from Lisbon (Portuguese)

Taalaibek Kulmendeev: Producer, director, screenwriter. Co-Chairman of the Confederation of Unions of Cinematographers of the CIS and Baltic States. (Kyrgyzstan)

Mansur Sarsembaev: screenwriter, director, winner of the "Altyn Kalam" award for "Best Screenplay and Dramaturgy of the Year", winner of the third "ECG Film Festival" in the nomination "Best Screenplay".

Maksud Sarsembaev: screenwriter, director, winner of the third "ECG Film Festival" in the nomination "Best Screenplay".

Peter Blunden: British film critic, member of the jury at the Romford Film Festival and the Romford Horror Festival. film programmer at Deptford Cinema in London

short film
animated film
documentary film
feature film
Mobile video
Music video
Screenplay in English
Screenplay in Russian
Marat (Mark) Akhmedjanov
president of ECG film festival
vice-chairman of eurasian creative guild
Natalie Bays
Manager of Romford Film Festival, board member
Vitalina Golovach
Anna Lari
Founder of the ECG FIlm Festival
Romford Film Festival
Film festival in London as a platform was not chosen by chance, as many world film studios use the UK for filming and editing world-class blockbusters.

Romford Film Festival is a stable, well-established festival that is attended by a large number of experts and residents of London, this association is the surest solution for attracting the maximum amount of attention of the press, viewers and experts to the Eurasian cinema.