From 6 to 10 June 2019, Premiere Cinemas in Romford, London became the center of attraction for directors, producers, actors and designers from Eurasian countries; where, for the first time, the 'ECG Eurasian Film Festival' (London) and the third 'Romford Film Festival' took place.

Founded in 2017 by British film makers and enthusiasts, The Romford Film Festival this year teamed up with the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) under the leadership of Laura Hamilton and Marat Akhmedjanov, which has created a unique platform for communication between British filmmakers and their post-Soviet counterparts.

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a non-profit initiative that promotes all creative people, including filmmakers of the Eurasian region in Great Britain and the whole world.

Despite its infancy, The ECG Eurasian Film Festival gathered over 60 films from 24 different countries. The film program of the festival kicked off with the British premiere of the film "My name is Kozha" by an outstanding classic of Kazakhstan cinema - Abdulla Karsakbayev. During the five days of the film festival more than 1,500 people visited and were shown films from diverse locations such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy, Finland, USA, Belarus, Sweden, Germany , Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Canada and the UK.

Guests of the festival also had a unique opportunity to learn about the Eurasian region, not only through cinema, but also through exhibitions of paintings, handicrafts and books created by members of the Eurasian Creative Guild. Two Silk Road Fashion shows, networking round table events and creative meetings were also held within the framework of the ECG Eurasian Film Festival.

On the final day of the festival, and on the largest cinema screen, the award ceremony was orchestrated to adorne the most talented filmmakers for their efforts. This was stylishly conducted in the presence of the Mayor of Havering, Cllr Michael Deon Burton, among representatives of embassies, a wide array of press and esteemed international guests.

Awards and diplomas were awarded for the following:

  1. Grand Prix: film "KADDISH' (Russia-Belarus)

  2. Best Screenplay: the film "MIDNIGHT OF THE SHAH" (Azerbaijan)

  3. Best Director: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, the film "Susan" (United Kingdom)

  4. Best Male Role: Wojtek Urbanski, the film "KHARMS" (Russia)

  5. Best female role: Dinara Sharipova, "SEA AND THE GIRL" (Kazakhstan)

  6. Best non-Eurasian director Hernan Findling, film "IMPOSSIBLE CRIMES" (Argentina)

  7. Best trailer for the book Three Distichus - Elena Aslanyan (Armenia)

  8. Best Documentary: "DONETSK" (UK)

  9. Best director of documentary "ORGANIC SAGE OF INDIA" (India)

  10. Best film based on real events "IT'S NOT FOREVER" (Russia)

  11. Best Short Film "HEAVEN OF CHILDREN" (Iran)

  12. Best script of the short film "MALIBU ALTERNATIVE" (Ukraine)

  13. Best male role of a short film; Zura Pirveli, film "BEHIND THE DOORS" (Georgia-France)

  14. Best female role of the short film: Irina Egorova, the film "BLOOD" (Russia)

  15. Best Short Film Director: Boris Hayrapetyan "YES! TODAY" (Armenia)

Additional diplomas were awarded to:

1.Best short film visualization, film "Larry's tavern" PRODUCTION DESIGNER- Tomi Saarijärvi (Finland)

2. Audience Choice Award: Best Cast, Film "Ludwig a The Hedgehog" (Armenia)

3. Audience Choice Award: Best Debut Actress of the Short Film: Ilona Gavrilenkova, film "Malibu Alternative" Ukraine

4. Audience Choice Award best director of non-Eurasian short film "This Island", Dale Lessoway (Canada)

5. Audience Choice Award: best film: "Financier" (Kazakhstan) - Producer Yerbolat Baiganin

6. Audience Choice Award: Best performing Actor (violinist-actor) - Aleem Kandour , film "KADDISH', (Russia-Belarus)

ECG Eurasian Film Festival 2019 was made possible thanks to the active participation of the large internationally located Guild-member team, including: Alexander Rey, Anna Lari, Angelina Krasnogir, Ainura Berdikul, Bolot Shamsiev, Dale Lessoway, Nadi Fadina, Natalie Bays, Maira Karsakbayeva, Solvi Fannar, to name a few.

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Ainur Berdicool
executive director of ECG film festival
Marat (Mark) Akhmedjanov
president of ECG film festival
vice-chairman of eurasian creative guild
Dale Lessoway
deputy director of ECG Film festival
Natalie Bays
meneger of Romford Film Festival, board member
Solvi Fannar
board member
Maira Karkasbayeva
board member
Nadi Fadina
board member
Romford Film Festival
Film festival in London as a platform was not chosen by chance, as many world film studios use the UK for filming and editing world-class blockbusters.

Romford Film Festival is a stable, well-established festival that is attended by a large number of experts and residents of London, this association is the surest solution for attracting the maximum amount of attention of the press, viewers and experts to the Eurasian cinema.

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